J.C.バッハ:協奏曲ハ短調(アンリ・カサドシュ編) / チェロ・ピアノ

Concerto en Ut Mineur
Johann Christian Bach | Violoncello and Piano | Editions Salabert
SLB 00589400

This Concerto en Ut mineur for cello and piano was first published in 1947 by Editions Salabert, being attributed to Johann Christian Bach with harmonization by Henri Casadesus. Certain musicological studies after its publication proved that the Concerto should not have been attributed to Johann Christian Bach after all, as it had actually been composed “in the style of Bach” some two centuries later. Nevertheless, the Concerto has been a success and is today often performed and studied closely. This edition of the Concerto is a new version of the original score enriched with an introduction and history in French, English and Italian.

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